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    Are there any fun online chess and card games


    Sep 22, 2022

    If you want to play a more exciting chess and card game, let me introduce me, the more detailed the better

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    1. The most popular chess and card game is the Three Kingdoms killing, which is very popular in universities. You can search on the Internet. He uses the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as the background.
      "Three Kingdoms Kill" is a complex version of the killing game. There are four categories: identity cards, generals, blood volume cards, and game cards.
      1, identity card
      The protagonist/loyal minister/anti -thief/adulterer, four types, start one of each person.
      Failure conditions of the winning condition
      The protagonist kills all anti -thieves and traitors. R n The traitor kills all others without killing all others
      2, generals
      Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Ma Chao, Cao Cao. Essence Essence Each general has 3-4 points of blood and one or two stunts. The generals are also drawn, each one.
      3, blood volume card
      3 blood generals will take a 3 -point blood blood volume card, and get 4 blood generals with a 4 -point blood volume card, which is to record the blood volume If you use it, you are cut and deducted 1 point, and the blood died after the blood was fastened.
      4, game card
      killing, flashing, equipment. Essence Essence They are all game cards. From the beginning of the protagonist, each person in turn and card.
      Thenasian killing is basically playing.

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