• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

    Can the Galaxy VIPs invite customers to withdraw?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Can the Galaxy VIPs invite customers to withdraw?”
    1. It can be withdrawn, but the withdrawal time is not given for more than six hours. If you can log in normally, it can be solved.
      The data expansion: Galaxy VIP room is an online comprehensive chess and card battle platform. Players can experience the most complete chess and card game mode in the game, giving players the most sufficient room for game types. The game will be updated regularly to ensure that there will be a new chess and card mode to join, giving players the best game experience. The game is made of a new game engine to give players the best visual enjoyment.
      game functions
      1. Multiple game modes of the galaxy, the galaxy, are free to play with the arena, gold coins, and leisure and casuals.

      2, 24 -hour customer service online reception, if any problems can be solved by consulting customer service.

      3. With the prompt and hosting function, it can not only avoid mistakes, but also liberate hands.

      4, the game interface is very precise and delicate, and there is a powerful cheating system, which can bring players an absolutely fair game link.
      The game highlights
      1. Galaxy VIP -exclusive mobile app new played legal customization mode, invite friends to build the brand bureau to start the private battle, high degree of freedom; The smooth fast -paced game method is more enjoyable;

      3, the top anti -cheating game system, providing fair and safe game pairs, rest assured to play.

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