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    Classification of the game


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    1. Explanation of the game type:
      rpg = Role-Playing Game: role-playing game
      The player played one or several characters in the game, with a complete storyline of the storyline. Players may be confused with adventure games. In fact, the distinction is very simple. The RPG game emphasizes the development of the plot and personal experience. Generally speaking, RPG can be divided into two types of Japanese and American style. The main difference is the cultural background and combat method. Japanese -style RPGs mostly use turnover or semi -instant -time combat. For example, the "Final Fantasy" series, most domestic Chinese RPG can also be classified as a Japanese -style RPG, such as "Sword", "Swordsman", etc. "Diablo" series. More detailed, you can classify the RPG into action role -playing games (A.RPG, the combat method is real -time action, typical "Diablo") and strategic role -playing games (S.RPG, combat mode of combat mode) It seems that we often say that we often call war chess games, such as "Xuanyuan Fu Magic Record").

      act = action game: action game
      Player control the game characters to destroy the enemy's game with various weapons, do not pursue the storyline, such as the familiar "Super Mari", the cute "" Star Caber, Gorgeous "Prince of Persia" and so on. Most of the action games on the computer are born from early arcade games and action games such as "Soul Dou Luo" and "The Three Kingdoms". The main purpose is to face ordinary players, with pure entertainment and leisure. The ingredients, simple operation, easy to get started, nervous and exciting, belong to the "popular" game.

      avg = adventure game: Adventure game
      The game control game characters for virtual adventure games. Unlike RPG, the characteristic of AVG is that the storyline is often in the form of completing a task or unlocking certain fans, and deliberately emphasizing the importance of puzzles during the game. AVG can also be subdivided into two types: action category and reconciliation fans. Action category AVG can contain some fighting or shooting ingredients such as the "Biochemical Crisis" series, "Tomb Raider" series, "Dinosaur Crisis", etc.; AVG relies on the development of the plot purely by solving puzzles. The difficulty factor is large, representing the super classic "Mystery Island" series.

      slg = Strategy Game: Strategy Game
      Players use strategies to compare with computers or other players to achieve various forms of victory games, or unify the whole country, or pioneer alien colonies.策略游戏可分为回合制和即时制两种,回合制策略游戏如大家喜欢的《三国志》系列、《樱花大战》系列;即时制策略游戏如《命令与征服》系列、《帝国》系列、《 Dunes "and so on.后来有些媒体将模拟经营,即SIM()类游戏,如《模拟人生》、《模拟城市》、《过山车大亨》、《主题公园》和养成类游戏(TCG,如《世界足球经理》,《 The Zero Polili Education Plan ") is also under SLG.

      RTS = Real-Time Strategy Game: Instant strategic game
      The branch of strategy game SLG, but due to its rapid popularity in the world, it gradually developed into a separate alone. The type of popularity even exceeds SLG, which is a bit like the relationship between the FIFA and the International Olympic Committee. Representative works include the "Warcraft" series, "Empire Times" series, "StarCraft" and so on. Later, the so -called "real -time tactical game" was derived from it. Most of them controlled a team to complete the task, highlighting the role of tactics, and represented by the Allies.

      fgt = Fighting Game: Fighting Game ← Dog's most dish
      The game of fighting by players manipulates the characters controlled by a computer or another player. According to the painting technology, it can be divided into two types: 2D and 3D. The 2D fighting games include the famous "Street Fighter" series, "Soul Soul" series, "King of Fighters" series; 3D fighting games such as "Iron Fist", "Gundam Fighting" and so on Essence Such games do not talk about any plot. At most, there is a simple scene setting, or background display. Scenes, characters, control, etc. are also relatively single, but the operation is more difficult. It mainly relies on players' rapid judgment and micro operation to win.

      stg = Shoting Game: Shooting game
      The shooting category here is not similar to the "VR Men" Players control all kinds of flights (mainly aircraft) to complete the task or pass. This type of game is divided into two types, one is called Science-Game, which is not realistic, imagined space as the content, such as "Free Space", "Star Wars" series, etc.; (Real-Game), based on the real world, winning the realism, pursuing the truth, and reaching the feeling of immersive. Such as the "Ace Air Battle" series, "Su-27" and so on. In addition, there are some simulated other games that can also be attributed to STG, such as "Hunting Submarine" of Simplified submarines, "Steel Master" of the Simulation Tank. STG can also be divided into: vertical, horizontal version, subjective perspective.
      lable version: The most common, like "Thunderbolt" in the arcade, "鲛 鲛", "Empty tooth", etc., are all classic works.
      Heng version: horizontal axis shooting, such as the "Saudi Snake" series and "Theater 88" are all this.
      Subjective perspective: Simulation, simulation fighter is like this.

      fps = first person personal shooting game: First -person -called perspective shooting game
      Strictly speaking, it is a branch of action games, but like RTS, due to its rapid popularity in the world, it makes it popular in the world. The exhibition has become a separate type, typical of Doom series, Quake series, "Unreal", "Half of Life", "CS" ...

      pzl = Puzzle Game: Puzzle game
      puzzle's original intention refers to the puzzle game used to cultivate children's intelligence before, extended to all kinds of interesting puzzle games. What is the most classic ~ is the well -known "Russian Block".

      rcg = Racing Game: Racing Game [Also known as RAC]
      It games that simulate various racing sports on your computer are usually played in the field scene. It is often the cutting -edge technology of computer games. Throughout the stimulus, strong sense of truth, loved by car fans, representative works include "Need for Speed", "Ridge Mountain Racing", "Motorcycle Yinghao" and so on. Another saying is called "Driving Game". At present, RCG's connotation is becoming more and more abundant, and other modes of racing games have appeared, such as rowing and horse racing.

      SPT = Sports Game: Sports games
      Is to simulate various types of sports sports on your computer. Live "series," Live Football "series, etc.

      TCG = breeding game
      The previous GB series is generally used. Now everyone uses EDU (ECATION) to refer to this type of game in order to distinguish between "Online Trading Card Game".
      , as the name suggests, it is a game that players simulate and cultivate, such as "Star Volunteer", "Beautiful Girl Dream Factory", "Zero Polili Education Plan" and so on.

      CAG = Card Game: Card Game
      The game players manipulate the character game through the card combat mode. The rich card types make the game rich in change, giving players unlimited fun. The representative works include the famous "Nobunaga's Workers" series, "Oh!", Including the card online game "Martial Arts Online". "The Heart of the Kingdom" can also be attributed to this category.

      tab = table game: Desktop game
      , as the name suggests, it is a game from the previous desktop game to the computer, such as various types of strong chess (that is, the game that determines the number of mobile grids), The classic elephant "Monopoly" series; chess and card games also belong to TAB, such as "Tractor", "Red Heart War", "Mahjong" and so on.

      msc = Music Game: Music Games
      The games that cultivate players' music sensitivity and enhance music perception. With the wonderful music, some require players to dance, and some require players to finger gymnastics. For example, the dancing machine that everyone is familiar with is a typical typical. The current popular online game "Jinpu" is also a list.

      lvg = love game: Love game
      Player back to the era of first love, recalling the touching little bit of love, simulating love games. Love is not a game, but there is a love game. The current love game is mainly for male players, and there are individual feminine directions. It can be trained to pursue technologies, (and to learn patience?) Representative works include Japan's "Heartbeat Memories" series, "Sijun", Chinese people's "Green Baby", "Autumn Remember" and so on.

      ETC = ETC. Game: Other games
      This games that cannot be attributed to known categories, commonly in the variety of video games, such as music games, peripheral settings of certain games Collection (such as "Heartbeat Memories" screen guarantee wallpaper collection), etc., computer games are rarely appeared, even if there are mostly transplanted self -TV games. In fact, if you can't judge, you will throw it here.

      WAG = WAP Game: Mobile Games
      games on mobile phones. At present, games can be played everywhere, and even mobile phones must bring leisure games. Netizens like the types of mobile games the most. The ratio of the puzzle is the highest. List several mobile game examples: "Metal Roar", "FF7 Prequel", etc..

      mud = mud games
      mainly depending on text to play games, graphics assistance. In 1978, Roy Trubro, the University of Essex, UK, wrote the world's first MUD game- "MUD1" with DEC-10, which is the first real real-time multi-person interactive online game This is a multi -person world with pure text. (Maybe this is the source of MUD?) Other masterpieces: "Xia Ke Xing", "Zi Luo 59", "King of the King".

      mmorpg = Massively Online Role Playing Game: Large multiplayer online role -playing game
      Take a few typical examples: "Network Genesis", "Endless Mission", "A3", "Warcraft", "Xuanyuan Ⅱ" and so on!

    2. Since the birth of TV games in 1958, after continuous development and improvement, the game has become more and more novel, and there are more and more types.到目前为止,基本可以把已有的游戏分为以下几大类:角色扮演类—RPG、策略类—SLG、动作过关类—ACT、射击类—STG、冒险类—AVG、格斗类—FTG、 Racing -RAC, Sports -SPG, Desktop -TAB, Puzzle -PUZ. Of course, it can continue to be subdivided, which is what we have to discuss below. However, due to the current development of the game, many games that have been divided into types have appeared. In fact, no matter what type of the game is, as long as it is fun, we love to play, which is fine. We don't have to care about the others. However, if you want to be a game fan, see how much I can learn the knowledge of game.
      . Role -playing games — RPG
      The role -playing games refer to the game that operates the game to complete and develop the plot to complete the game. Generally speaking, this type of game takes a long time, and the effort is relatively high, but it can grasp the heart of the game player. Therefore, the role -playing game is the highlight of the current game industry. Basically, any console wants to occupy the mainstream position, and it is inseparable from the support of the role -playing game. Just like the victory of PS at the console of the host was mainly relied on "Final Fantasy 7" (FF7). Until now, role -playing games can basically be divided into the following: orthodox type, orthodoxy -related game elements -APG, strategic game elements -SRPG, and network role -playing games.
      1, orthodoxy -type role -playing games
      The role -playing games of this type, the main feature is that fighting with monsters will enter a specific combat screen. The most standard example is the "Final Fantasy" series on the home machine, and the computer is the "Sword and Sword" series. In the industry, the industry also divides such games into the type of "Final Fantasy" and "Dq) type (DQ) type (DQ). Specifically, on the map, we control the role as one person or all showed. At the same time, according to its conditions that triggered fighting, it is divided into autonomous and random classes (both lamers). The main feature of
      2, ARPG
      ARPG is no specific combat screen, and the battle with the enemy is directly on the map. The representative of the home machine is the "Romantic Legend" series, and the computer is the Diablo Series.
      3, SRPG
      srpg is actually not much different from the war -type strategy game, the main difference is that it has a complete plot. Its masterpiece is the "Balm of Flame" series. In fact, in my opinion, SRPG is more difficult to divide. I personally think that such games should be classified as SLG types.
      4, network role -playing game
      The network role -playing game is a new game type that only appeared in recent years. It is mainly through the Internet to make many people play a role -playing game at the same time. At present, the masterpieces on home machines are "Fantasy Star Online Version" and "Final Fantasy Network Edition"; masterpieces on the computer should be said to be "Legend".

      . The strategy game — SLG
      The game of strategic class refers to the game that is executed by thinking by thinking. Such games can also be subdivided into war, business, and development.
      1. War strategy games
      Snic name, the strategy game of war themes, the most famous is the game of the "Big Strategy" series. In such games, my favorite is the "The rise and fall of the Millennium Empire" launched by SEGA on SS. Although the political meaning of the game is not good, we can play the game regardless of this, as long as the game is fun. Unfortunately, my SS has been disrepairing for a long time, and this game is also difficult to find! If you have the opportunity to see this game, I highly recommend this game. The game is well done in terms of operation, music, and balance. The only disadvantage is its difficulty. My favorite is the music inside, which is really nice; and in terms of difficulty, although I have passed perfectly, I can't get the highest evaluation in this way. It's really annoying! Although it is a problem, I have to have complaints, and I have to post it!
      2, business strategy game
      This meaning does not need to be said in detail, and the game coverage in this area is also wide, including business: restaurants, convenience stores, clubs, hospitals, etc. Playing such games depends on personal interest. If you are interested in, you can play which type of business. Representatives of such games are the "Theme Park" series.
      3, developed strategy games
      It this type of game is also called love strategy game. Generally, the protagonist, that is, you arrange the schedule schedule, and finally catch up with someone's game. Its masterpiece is the "Heartbeat Memories" series.

      . The action of the action of the action
      The action of the movement of the action refers to the game that you control the character that you control your hand. Such games have no experience value, no skills to improve skills, etc., rely on your operating technology. Representatives of such games are "Soul Dou Luo" series and "Super Mali" series.

      . Football games
      shooting games mainly refer to games that rely on long -range weapons to fight the enemy. Generally speaking, it refers to aircraft type games. This is divided into graphic shooting games and 3D shooting games. The masterpiece of graphic shooting games is the "Thunderbolt" series, and the masterpiece of 3D shooting games is the "Ace Air Battle" series. At the same time, this type of game also includes light gun games. The masterpieces of these games are "VR Warning"

      . Adventure games
      A adventure games are actually similar to role -playing games. , But generally speaking, there is no experience value, short game time, and only relying on the two parts in the game to play the game. The last point is more terrifying. Representatives of such games are the "Resident Evil" series.

      . Fighting games
      Fighting games generally appear mainly on arcade, and most of the household machines are transplanted works. Explanation is not needed. As long as you tell you his masterpieces, everyone will understand the classification criteria of such games. The masterpieces of the plane fighting games are the "Street Fighter" series and the "King of Fighters" series, while the masterpieces of 3D fighting games are the "VR Warrior" series and the "Iron Fist" series.

      If 7. Racing games
      This games do not need to be explained, but this type of game still feels better in playing frames in large game halls. It's so bad. Its masterpiece is "Need for Speed"

      8. Sports games
      The sports games are relatively wide, but the main is football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey games. Other sports projects are done. There are fewer games. The masterpiece is the "Live Football" series.

      . The desktop game
      The interpretation of desktop games is more difficult, and there are many types. Generally speaking, mahjong games and males are all such games. This type of game is mainly used for short -term pastime without research and discussion.

      This, puzzle game
      This games are mainly relying on eye diseases. Although it is not difficult, it is not easy to play if you want to play. The masterpiece is the "Russian Block" series.

      It some new types of games Although everyone summarizes them in the above ten games, I personally think that these games can actually be classified separately. Including music games, representative works "DDR" series; card games, masterpieces "Oh Meiper" series.
      In general, the game industry is currently developing rapidly, and a new gameplay game appears from time to time. If we have to classify each of the new gameplay games, it is really tired. According to me, no matter what kind of game, as long as I like to play, this is fine.

    3. 1. Gaming type, usually used for classified video games, is a method of distinguishing between games. There is no unified classification method in the world. Foreign game types are mainly divided into: ACT, FTG, STG, FPS, TPS, SLG, RTS, RTT, RPG and other types. 2. Domestic game types are mainly divided into 6 categories: action, adventure, simulation, role -playing, leisure and others. Extended information: ACT action game: ACT game pays attention to the refreshing and smooth game feeling of strikes. Among them, the action game produced by Japan CAPCOM is the most representative. AVG Adventure Game: When AVG appears, it refers to a flat adventure game like the "Mystery Island" series, which is adapted from various reasoning novels, suspense novels and thrilling novels. FTG Fighting Game: FTG game should be regarded as the ultimate form of my country's "Wen Dou" concept. No matter how players play you in the game, players outside the game will not have actual damage except for sweat, and there will be no actual damage outside the hands and feet. Essence

    4. It depends on how you divide it. According to the network type, it can be divided into network and stand -alone; according to the screen direction, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical versions; according to the game platform, it can be divided into Android, iOS, computer; There are more segmented ones, such as ARPG MMORPG below RPG and so on

    5. Game type:

      avg-adventure nslg-simulation nRTS-instant strategy nFPS- The first person's shooting
      olg-online game
      act-action nect-other classes
      n n The current game type classification is not very obvious;

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