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    How dirty is the KTV microphone?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. State statistics show that the number of Chinese KTV companies, bars, and Di Hall entertainment venues grows at a rate of about 20%per year.
      In 2014, the number of domestic KTVs was about 2,496. The boom of the national K song was only reduced. Singing became part of people's lives that are difficult to wear.
      The KTV today is different from the old karaoke in form, but there is one that has not changed, it is a necessary microphone.
      The is unknown that it is the love of the whole people that we ignore the hidden dangers of hygiene hidden on the microphone of people.
      The microphone seems to be clean, but there are hidden dangers of hygiene | Visual China
      KTV microphone with exceeding standards n this year, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a sanitary condition in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, The supervisory object found that the hygiene of the microphone in KTV was the most worrying.
      In a KTV, health law enforcement officers asked to understand the disinfection of the microphone, but the staff was vague.
      If in the stores that should have 6 ultraviolet microphone disinfectioners, only two of them were taken out of the west, and the power supply could be inserted but showed that it could not work.
      Is internal health of mini KTV | China Consumer News
      The 2010 "Chongqing Evening News" wrote a report. Consumers appeared allergic the next day after going to KTV. It has attracted widespread attention from the public.
      Sengyang City Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center, a survey showed that 54.44%of the total number of sample bacteria was exceeded by more than 100 times in the surface surface of the 90 tube metal mesh.
      The severe pollution includes mold, E. coli, and even pathogenic bacteria, such as Golden Bacizone.
      It women went to a K -song shop in Hengdian to sing in contact dermatitis | Beijing News
      In fact, the hygiene of the KTV microphone has been followed as early as the 1990s.
      1994, a journal was mentioned that when using a microphone with a microphone of the respiratory disease, bacteria will spread to the microphone through droplets. In addition, bacteria can also transmit intestinal infectious diseases such as hepatitis and typhoid fever through the microphone's handle.
      The mini KTV
      . According to the data of the "2017 China Offline Mini KTV Special Research Report", the domestic mini KTV market size in 2017 is expected to reach 3.18 billion yuan.
      This value increased by 92.7%compared with 2016. The mini KTV with huge market potential seems to be full of wind, but health has begun to expose problems.
      2016-2022 Sino-China Mini KTV market size statistics and forecasts | China Industrial Network
      "China Consumer Daily" reporter recently experienced that the phenomenon of garbage accumulation in "glass houses" is common, and sanitary maintenance such as headset microphone is become it. question.
      The reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily learned that most of the mini KTV headphones and microphones on the market did not clean and disinfection during use.
      mades are frequently used, which will inevitably breed bacteria.
      The self -service mini KTV appeared in Xi'an without a microphone set of hygiene.
      In on the hygiene of mini KTV, the operation management of equipment is the main point of the country's attention. To this end, the country has issued relevant notices.
      The August of this year, the Ministry of Culture issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Culture on Guiding the Healthy Development of the Mini Singing Pavilion Market" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").
      The mini KTV is included in the regulatory attention from six aspects, including filing, content management, and equipment operation.
      However, the "Notice" did not make corresponding regulations on the environmental hygiene of the mini KTV.
      The management notice on mini KTV | The official website of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China
      As of 2010, the domestic implementation of the "Implementation Rules for Health Management Regulations of Public Places" was still implemented in China. Health issues are included in the scope of supervision.
      The relevant "Sanitary Standards for Cultural and Entertainment Places", although the air quality, noise, ventilation, etc., including cultural and entertainment venues including the ballroom.
      but the specific standards of the microphone management are not listed. Even if the microphone bacteria exceed the standard, it cannot be dependent on, without standards.
      C supervision's worrying entertainment cultural venue
      In 2011, the state promulgated the new "Regulations on the Management of Public Places Sanitary Management" and related implementation rules to cover all the public parts that should be ignored in the past but ignored in the past. Essence
      "Implementation Rules for the Management Regulations of Public Places" | Official Website of the People's Republic of China Central People's Government
      The as far as indoor air quality, accommodation places have the highest qualification in indoor air quality, followed by mall supermarkets, and cultural entertainment The qualification rate of public places is the lowest.
      The general reasons are mostly closed spaces in cultural and entertainment. The ventilation is poor, while the population flow is large and the source of pollution is wide.
      The monitoring of disinfection effects on 645 public places in Zhangjiagang City in 2013-2015 shows that the total pass rate is 65.58%, and the qualification rate of bathrooms and foot bath stores is the lowest at 53.19%.
      It, the health qualification rate of bathrooms and foot bath shops is mainly related to the failure of mold in the results of slippers.
      It Beijing Heiqiao Village Massage Store | Visual China
      Most of the bathrooms and foot bath places only make simple rinse of slippers. Disinfection is irregular, and the requirements of "one guest, one disinfection", thus Causes cross -pollution.
      For people with maxa, mahjong cards that have been repeatedly used for a long time are also prone to breeding bacteria.
      The survey of 300 public entertainment venues shows that 42%of public entertainment venues have never been cleaned and disinfected with mahjong cards.
      It always patronize the chess and card room, hygiene is also a major hidden danger | Visual China
      The public swimming pool is also a breeding ground for bacteria.
      The foreign survey survey for a public swimming pool in Italy found that the sanitary quality of the swimming pool water depends on the concentration of free residual chlorine and the number of swimmers in the pool.
      Is when the number of swimmers is too large or the swimming pool is contaminated, the free residual chlorine is too low, and it will not be able to provide continuous disinfection effects for swimming pool water.
      In addition, the hot -headed VR equipment is also difficult to escape the fate of contaminated.
      VR device directly contacts consumers' eyes, lips and ears, and other organs, and frequent conversion between people. If they do not do a good job of cleaning and disinfection, all kinds of bacterial viruses will accumulate.
      The United States: 2016 E3 game exhibition VR device becomes a new highlight | Visual China
      In addition to mini KTV microphone, foot bath shop water basin, elevator handrail, hotel towel, public phone microphone and other public items also exist in hygiene concern question. The items that people often contact in these lives have almost become bacterial "distribution".
      2013 A needle on the health investigation of Zhongshan Internet cafe shows that the Internet cafe computer keyboard and mouse are more serious than indoor air bacterial pollution.
      . Although most Internet cafes have reached standards for health science indicators, computer keyboards and mouses have not been cleaned enough and disinfected.
      In online cafes, it is difficult to ensure hygiene in fingers | Visual China
      Although the cultural and enrollment isas is promoted, many new public places have not been included.
      The standards for new public places to follow the standards and tough constraints, health management has become the most important thing for merchants to pay attention to.
      It worth noting is that in addition to the implementation of management standards, we must also pay attention to playing hygiene ourselves.
      This places to play should be regularly guaranteed. Remember to set the protective cover, the eye, nose mouth and other sensitive parts, and pay attention to cleaning.

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