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    How to open a chess room?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “How to open a chess room?”
    1. It takes 40,000 to 50,000 funds to open a chess room.
      . The profit of the chess room is extremely high. In a community, the income of the chess room is often several times higher than the supermarket and restaurants. As long as you do the system that should be done in the chess room, it is convenient, and with the help of playing with the help of publicity, it will naturally make money. One month's water and electricity cost depends on your scale. If the scale is not large, generally six or seven rooms are about 1,000 yuan a month. Besides, how to operate a chess and card room: For the chess room, most of the people who usually visit are petty bourgeoisie people, so the first thing to consider is to facilitate parking and travel; the other is more concerned about the safety of the surroundings. Try to give priority to these two items from the site selection. In a safe environment, the advantages and disadvantages of the internal environment directly affect the emotions of consumers. During the decoration process, pay attention to considering the needs of customers, such as insertion, the comfort of the table and chairs, etc. Not only can increase the vitality of the environment, it can also purify the air. The environment is comfortable, you don't have to decorate luxury, clean and comfortable, in addition, if luxury, it is estimated that you will not have money to make. The ventilation is good, the chess and card rooms are smoking, and the box will be smoky.
      . Except for the fixed environment, the rest is intimate services. Many people sit down in the process of playing mahjong until the end, and sometimes even a sip of water. When the chess and card room works, prepare water for customers in advance. If you provide meals, you don't have to make it yourself. You can call for takeaway.
      , in short, the service is the first place, so that the guests feel at home. In addition, the price is also very important. As the saying goes, the goods are better than three. For the main, first recruit customers, only others give the opportunity to have a subsequent display. At present, the domestic chess and card rooms mainly use mahjong and poker games as the main entertainment items. The charging models are different. Some places provide full -automatic Mahjong tables and other facilities. Generally, there are charges, charges and gambling money according to people. In addition, cards, Baccarat, Chess, Go, Wuzi Chess, Black and White Chess, etc. can also enter the chess and card room. I believe that these projects can also increase your income!

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