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    How to program the game by yourself


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to program the game by yourself”
    1. The method of programming by yourself is as follows:
      1, basic language stages: commonly used programming languages ​​include, C, C , Java, the most widely used is C , C language is the basis of all game programs. A good game programmer must be very proficient and apply C .
      2, data structure: After grasping C , you need to learn data structure. In terms of image, there is such a lot of data, how to arrange its structure in an orderly manner. Through the learning of data structure, you can start reading the code written by others and trying to develop simple programs. It can realize some programmers' own ideas. It is the technique that each programmer must master.
      3, the study and application of "library": the most commonly used are MFC (Microsoft Company Library), GUI (Graphic Interface Library). Of course, the knowledge and function of "library" is very large. Generally speaking Frequent knowledge can be involved. 4. Game program for hardware. For example, memory, CPU, graphics card, this will involve some mathematical knowledge, such as stereo geometry, linear algebra, etc., but it is not very difficult to panic. Through the skill of hardware, the game screen, fluency, etc. can be fully expressed.
      5. Learning to related knowledge. Including physics, scripts, art, etc. No need to understand, but the richness of relevant knowledge will directly help in the future game program.
      6. Familiarity and use of game engines. Game engines generally include rendering, memory manager, and organizational management. Rendering the game of the game, using memory efficiently, and how to control animation playback. Familiar with the use of engines will also be intuitive for game programmers.

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