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    Is there any fun game in addition to the glory of the king now? Don't want to play shooting games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Is there any fun game in addition to the glory of the king now? Don't want to play shooting games?”
    1. In recent years, "Glory of the King" and "Stimulating the Battlefield" mobile games have been extremely popular, almost occupying half of the game field. Nice is a game lover. Both games are also playing, but after a long time, NICE finds that he seems to have "aesthetic fatigue" ". It is impossible to abandon the pit, but NICE Jun just wants to try to play other games. Is there no other game to replace it? Of course, the answer is.

      "Hearthstone The legendary "is a card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a derivative mobile game of" World of Warcraft ". The background of the story is also based on the world view of" World of Warcraft ". The gameplay is relatively complicated. There are nine types of different occupations. Each character has different skills and corresponding specific decks. Through the combination of different card groups to trigger different skill effects to defeat the opponent to win the game. Relatively speaking, in terms of The game is not very friendly to novice players, and it is a bit difficult to get started, but once you are familiar with this game, you will feel that it is infinitely happy. Interesting hints, the players who stop it with small players can avoid addiction.

      Recently, a game that is very hot, new version, new gameplay, in sharp contrast to the current mainstream MOBA type, FPS shooting game. Players who are tired of eating chickens or kings may wish to try chess. The characteristic of the game is the combination of DOTA custom map and strategy gameplay gameplay. If you are a collapsed old player, you must be very familiar with the setting of this game, and it will be easier to get started. In short After the NICE trial, the game is very fun, and it is recommended to be full. In addition, the League of Legends will be launched soon. Friends pay attention to relevant information to avoid missing the best time.

      " As the originator of the racing game, it must be a lot of youth memories of many post -80s and 90s. Since 2006, the national service has now been close to 14 years. This is also the first computer that NICE has contacted Online games. Thinking of the past, the happiest is to run a kart on the field with my friends, and when you lose, you will ask for the Internet. However, there is good news recently. The goose factory agent is almost close to 100%with the end game restoration rate. At present, Tencent Game Center can already make an appointment. Do n’t miss it if you want to experience it.

      Hello everyone, I am a little fat love to explain. What are the good games in addition to King Glory and shooting games? I recommend a few games to help you the first game: After tomorrow: It is a multi -person survival mobile game developed by NetEase, Here, you will be placed in the world of waste soil after being attacked by the virus, facing the infected person and harsh living environment of the virus, and other players will compete with you for limited resources. On December 28, 2018, "After Tomorrow" won the 4th MHA Conference Blackstone Award "Hard Euctity Popular Game" and "Hard Euctity Star Game". On March 15, 2019, the "Steel Invasion" incident was launched.
      The second game: Fifth personality
      is an asymmetric confrontation against the Arena mobile game developed by NetEase. The game opened the public beta on April 03, 2018. "Fifth Personality" uses Tim Burton-style Gothic style, and the character uses a stitching puppet setting. Players will play separate regulators and survivors. The former has a great innate advantage in attack and has a strong ability to "search and chase". The number of people and resources, relying on favorable complicated maps to latent and divided into labor cooperation, and have certain countermeasures, at least three people escape to declare victory. (Two people escape as a draw) Victory conditions are summarized: regulators seize 3 or all of them, victory; grab the two, draw; grab 1 or 0 person, fail. All survivors escape and victory; escape the two, settle; escape 1 person or uninhabited, fail. On December 28, 2018, "Fifth Personality" won the 4th MHA conference Blackstone Award "Hard Euctity Star Game" and "Most Popular Independent Game of the Year". [5] On February 28, 2019, "Fifth Personality" launched a new survivor "Inspector" Norton-Campbell.
      The third game: My World
      is a high -free sandbox game that is popular all over the world, developed by Mojangab and 4J Studios, Mojangab and 4J Studios, Sweden. It was released on May 13, 2009. "Minecraft" has five versions of PC version, PE version, version, Xbox version of Windows 10 and Raspberry Pai Edition. Won the "Player's Favorite Online Game" award for the 2018 Golden Mo Award Annual Game Selection Contest. In February 2019, according to the data of "FAMI", "My World" PS4 version ranked 5th anniversary of PS4 for sale with 3738 copies (February 22, 2014-February 3, 2019). The sales ranking (excluding digital download version) 13th.
      The fourth game: The shore of the soil
      is the "real -time multi -person strategic mobile game" launched by NetEase. The game was the first unprecedented geopolitical strategy. The core goal of the player in the "Relief of the Earth" is to develop military and political and strong countries. All players will be distributed on the same big world map, and the territorial resources of the big world are limited, and players will fight fiercely on territorial resources. "The shore of the soil" on October 22, 2015 on the entire platform public beta. On January 12, 2016, the most popular mobile game in 17173 was shortlisted. [4] On October 22, 2018, the annual version of "The Rushing of the soil" was in the past, and the anniversary celebrations opened simultaneously, and the five -star general Jia Yi appeared.
      The fifth game: Dangxuan Dou
      "Daily Hyun Dou" is a real -time PK action mobile game developed and operated by Tencent Games Tianmeiyi Travel Studio "The King of Hyun Dou" Essence It was officially released on April 16, 2014. The game is based on the fashion cities, and the main line is based on the architecture of the arcade. Players can create characters in the game and upgrade their roles by doing tasks, break through the customs, etc. Different weapons and equipment are dropped through different levels, and players can enhance their role combat power by gaining advanced equipment.
      The sixth game: QQ Speed ​​
      "QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" is a 3D racing leisure mobile game developed by Tencent. It was launched on December 27, 2017. QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games has inherited the operation of the end game, such as racing, props, ranking, plot mode, etc. In December 2018, the registered user of "QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" officially exceeded the 100 million mark.
      Seventh game: Yin and Yang Division is a 3D Japanese -style and wind turn -based RPG mobile game independently developed by China NetEase Mobile Game Company. At 11:00 on June 1, 2016, "Yin Yang Shi" opened the first test of Android; on September 2nd, the same year, the first release of the iOS platform on the App Store
      nIt, "Glory of the King" as a MOBA game, the whole process is only in the fixed map and played for a long time. It is also boring. If you really like martial arts and rivers and lakes, restricting these heroes in the "Ping A" and simple three skills, I really feel that it is not a martial arts. It's just a simple and simple reference to the skill move.

      If you really love martial arts games, then there is a game experience that you must not be able to stop, that is, the true martial arts, the most martial arts game classic masterpiece "Jiuyin Zhen Jing".

      [Jianghu] The rivers and lakes of the "Jiuyin Zhenjing" are an open rivers and lakes. Players can choose to vote for gangs, worship and learn art, and become a generation of heroes. Players can also be unknown and unprecedented, and they are free to break through the rivers and lakes, and players who travel in the rivers and lakes can better have the opportunity to trigger the Grand Martial Arts.

      [martial arts] Different from the occupational limits of other games. There is no martial arts restriction in "Jiuyin Zhen Jing", and players can even learn all martial arts in the game. The development of the game has long been developed from the eight major sects. There are countless forces. The addition of hermits has made the martial arts of the Jiuyin Zhen Jing become more colorful.

      The fun games are tens of millions, less than half of my heart, haha! Just joking, the glory of the king is now visual fatigue, the player's loss rate is very high, and most of them are replaced by stimulating the battlefield.

      In addition to the games of Tencent and NetEase, in fact, many small companies produced game products are also good because there are not so much funds, maybe the public knows less game.

      Recommended 1: "Break the Era"

      This game is really good, 3D cool fighting, super cool skills, the most important thing is fusion, king glory Waiting for the fun of competition, you can open in the limited -time activity. The 3V3 team PK match is very exciting. The computer will match teammates and enemies according to your level. After entering the battlefield, try to attack sand as much as possible! Which team took the first to get 10 people ending the drama. Tastest.

      The mount system of the game is also very interesting. There are motorcycles. The robot is quite new anyway. The design of the character is two dimensions, busty hips.

      Recommended 2: "Monster Hunter"

      The elements that develop this game are in it. You need to recruit heroes, component your own strongest guilder to play monsters and participate National war, etc., the design of the game is biased towards the European and American style. The classic tavern design is not so chaotic. The game screen is delicate and the battle is wonderful. It is a rare game! It is worth playing.

      Recommended 3: "Mountains and Seas"

      If you don’t know where to download these games, you can click on my homepage, and there is a game at the game. The game name is enough. If you click the download without response, please copy the link of the download interface and open it with a browser. If you have any questions, you can make a private message or comment on the comment area at any time.

      It the mainstream mobile game now, except for the glory of the king, it is estimated that there is only a stimulating battlefield. If you do n’t play the glory of the king and do n’t want to play a shooting game, do you have no game fun? Of course, in addition to the glory of the king, there are actually many games that are available. Let's take a look at what games can be played in addition to the glory of the king and shooting games?

      The game just released by NetEase after tomorrow. Although it is also a shooting game, there is actually a big difference. After tomorrow Players should know that NetEase's games are all gold.

      QQ Speed ​​is also a mobile game launched by Tencent. In fact, it is the mobile game version of the computer version of the QQ Speed. Indeed, this is the youth of many people. No one has played. Of course, this game is also fun to get gold, otherwise it doesn't mean not to talk about money.

      . The mobile game of the dungeon and the Warriors is being tested recently. I believe that the dungeon and warriors mobile games should be beta soon. Of course, the dungeon is also known as a poisonous milk powder. Game, I believe that mobile games are also necessary to play?

      It now there are a lot of fun games, but because of the long release of the king's glory, the heat is very high, so many people ignore a lot of excellent games. Next, I recommend a few games I feel good. Essence

      The game is a 3D perspective. It is very fighting, operable, good plot, and the character image is also beautiful. Aesthetic, action -integrated games.

      The second generation of this game is the rich second generation, but the good times are not long. The economic crisis broke out. Father is seriously ill. As a filial son, you need to take care of your dad, let your dad work hard, watch the bank card, watch the bank card In order to take care of your dad, you also have to revive your family. It is a mobile game that can exercise people's financial management.

      The game is a character that feels no bone and completes various tasks, but it is interesting to need group games. Mobile games are almost launched, but the specific time has not been announced. I am still looking forward to a relaxed and pleasant group game

      The king, then the king is looking for Xiaobai New King, hello, everyone is Xiaobai New King!

      The two most popular games in 2019, that's the two, [Stimulate the battlefield, King Glory]! Of course, you do n’t want to play these two games. There are still many good games. In addition to shooting games and the glory of the king, there are several models selected by Xiaobai. Let ’s take a look!

      The world

      This of this game to persuade yourself. In a game space, you can do whatever you want. Build it out, there are also a lot of helping tools to help you.

      The tribal conflict

      This game requires the brain, technology is operated! Come to a desert island by yourself, build your own home and his own soldiers!

      If you want to be free to choose some famous online games, for example, Lingjian, Shanhai Jing 2019 models, Dragon God Decision, waiting for some games.

      The or not fun is related to everyone's preferences. Everyone's preferences are different, and the games they like are different. Some people like the glory of the king, and some like to stimulate the battlefield. It may have little to do with the quality of the game itself. More is a simple preference question. I recommend you a few. Tour

      The art of war: Red tide

      This is a fair global real -time team competition game. The favorite lineup, the game can be 1V1, 2V2, 3V3, the global service, the players inside are all from all over the world. You choose to send troops yourself, direct your arms, explode the opposite base, have a simple operation but rich change. More interesting, worth playing.

      This is my war

      This is a stand -alone game. In the cruel war, you need to live, face hunger, and illness. Survival, still selfish people survive. Although it is a game, the cruelty of war and the distortion of human nature and the show of Lingli, choose different end -of -end end -in, very good stand -alone, it is worth playing.


      This Dota self -running mobile game version (currently is reservation, but it should be released soon) Tour, through obtaining the economy in the bureau, purchase resources, build your own exclusive lineup, evolve heroes, combine, card positions, there is no complicated operation, but you need to analyze the overall situation to win the victory, which is super fun.

      This is the game that I think is more fun. I hope you like

      It with other particularly fun games besides the glory of the king.

      1 1. Mini World

      The mini world is a highly free casual 3D sandbox game. It is combined with players to destroy the block and the creator to form its own architecture and Adventure with your friends. The game has a very convenient and fast multiplayer online mode. As long as there is a network, you can play with friends from various places. There are no levels and rules restrictions, no prescribed gameplay, and only the destruction of your heart and the creation of the sky.

      Mura the upper partner to build your world.

      2. Plants vs. Zombies 2

      Plants vs. Zombie 2 is a puzzle strategy tower defense game. Pirate harbor, wild west, future world, dark age, huge wave beach, extreme ice cave, losing city, sky city, rock era, dinosaur crisis, modern world, steam era, etc. The game will also update new plants and activities from time to time. It is very interesting. It has achieved "free scenes, free plants."

      Choed up to the little partner to save the plant world together. Essence

      Thank you

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