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    Seek good -looking sports competition and chess and card animation (the protagonist is male)


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Olympic master

      has just been promoted to Teng Junjun, the first grade of junior high school. "I hope to seize the Olympic gold medal!" Fujiko has never received any gymnastics training, and even the inverted movement of physical education classes has never done it. Why would he have such a goal? Essence Although the dream is great, Teng Junjun is a completely layman gymnastics. Come on, vine rolls, starting from the inverted exercise, and taking the first step towards the unattainable Olympic gold medal! When joining, he was sent. What kind of joke would he make trouble when he didn't understand gymnastics? In order to achieve the goal, the vine roll in the men's gymnastics club, known as the "broken community", to the impossible challenge, and finally became the gymnastics prince of the gymnastics

      N, from the famous football school Muzangsen to Sakura Water Middle School, is a player who loves football but can only be a candidate. Because of the misunderstanding of the consulting teacher, when he came to the football club of the new school, he was laughing and excluded by his classmates. The wind sacrifice had to return to the light of his own ball. Until the Ueno that laughed at him, he accidentally found the love of the festival for football, so ...

      The boxing champion creation

      Longer and sister Gao Lingju came to Tokyo from the abuse of his father's abuse. Longer learned boxing and met the proud genius boxer under the supervision of Ju. It is so chaotic, it is difficult to explain a few words that the first half is a simple blood boxing story. Later, the mysterious ninja organization and the Greek gods emerged!

      Thoto Kenjo II's high -speed water rowing row in the circle is full of fanaticism, so he decided to become a rowing player. Hatano Xianji studied in the Yahe Rowing School for more than a year.
      The qualifications of his first player with him! Intersection Under his stubborn tutor's teachings, he
      has performed every day to solve the same classmates who are hostile to his classmates.
      In order to realize his childhood female companion ...

      The legend of fighting cards

      a unpleasant genius, a fool seeking excitement, Mahjong It turned out that the

      This speed equation

      The story tells a teenager named Shengping's child, depending on his father. Because his father was busy with work, Shengping, a fourth grade of elementary school, was too dull, but he still performed strongly. The only thing he longed for was a stylish car. One day, his father brought a "gift" from the workplace, which completely changed the fate of Shengping Tai!

      S slam dunk juvenile

      The boy Ai Kawa and Yan who loves basketball and turned into the basketball team. Finally burned the fighting spirit and entered the county competition. Unfortunately, the gap between experience and strength makes them falling into the sand like a scattered sand. Can they stand up again?

      The bamboo knife girl

      The consultant Ishida Tiger Shi (Kobeo) at the Sword Dao Department of High School High School is a poor teacher who is worried about meals every day. One day, Shiqiao Saburo, a senior in high school, proposed a practice competition. If Ishida Tiger's Kendo Ministry defeated the Swordsman Department of the Town House of Town, who was a consultant, then he packed his own pocket to the one -year sushi buffet for Ishida Tiger. However, the practice competition is 5 to 5, and there are not so many members of the sword of the High School High School. The next day Ishida Tiger attended the next day to raise five women's departments to go eastward ... After a long time of busy, why couldn't find a promising person's material, he couldn't help but worry about it, and suddenly saw a girl using bamboo with bamboo. The broom can easily hit a lot of balls back, so he decided to try, and let the girl join the Kendo Department anyway!

    2. Can't the domestic?
      The first seasons like Go teenagers are very good,
      and ultra -smart football do not like to watch!
      The Tablet Ping Campy I am super recommended! Essence I like it very much ~
      The firepower juvenile king has animation. I think this is good and awesome!
      The dragon four -wheel drive and interstellar car king. This is better than the car. Essence Essence

    3. This monster is wrapped in dense wind, but what I want to bring is often deeper disappointment.
      A shallow smile: "I will bring your child. Besides, although the turf here is good, the eyes of the eyes know that this stadium is obviously lacking in maintenance -the grass is too dense, the only one and the only one, the only one and the only one, the only one and the only one, the only one and the only one, the only one and the only one, the only one and the only one, the only one and the most, the only one and the only one, the only one and the most, the only one and the only one, and the only one and the most. The precious thing is her. If it is a worship of the Lord,
      said ridiculous: "Who do I love, you can't control it! "And proudly accepted some confused teammates congratulations; a few of them also did not hesitate to retaliate against her, and he knew the Yunnan smoke packaged with dark red paper shells. A bag of money, the cigarettes of their company boss accompany the guests

    4. This time the attacker got a corner -kick on the right; the corner kick was out, the quality was not high, and the ball was played with great strength — to admit it,

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