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    What are the product analysis of "Glory of the King"?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the product analysis of "Glory of the King"?”
    1. Since the launch time of "Glory of the King" was the third quarter of 2015, we first focused on analyzing the market overview at the time.
      An "2015Q3 China Mobile Game Market Quarterly Monitoring Report" released by Ai Media Consultation, as of 2015Q3, Chinese mobile game users reached 497 million, a month -on -month increase of 1.2%, the growth rate continued to slow down, mobile game users scale It has gradually peaked. In fact, this is true, because until the end of 2016, China's mobile game users have only reached 523 million, the growth rate is less than 5%. The user bonus of domestic mobile games has touched the ceiling.
      In terms of player paid ratio, in the third quarter of 2015, the paid ratio of mobile game players is still extremely low, and most of the acceptable payment amounts can be less than 50 yuan.
      In terms of game types, Ai Media Consultation data shows that the types of game types such as chess and cards, cool running, round RPG, card, leisure, and role -playing have become saturated. To explore. The first three game types of the player are casual puzzle, parkour racing, and poker chess categories, with a proportion of more than 50 %.

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